Shubhal Shah has offered to help with free food to to those who are in home quarantine.

A social media user on the microblogging platform Twitter has put out a post offering to help in delivering hygienic and free of cost food to anyone who needs it.

Along with the tragedy that it has brought with it, the coronavirus-induced pandemic has also helped in reinstating faith in our fellow human beings. Amid deaths on a daily basis, migrant workers having to walk across the country to job losses everywhere, good Samaritans have stepped up to offer help in whatever way they can, whenever their means allowed them to. A social media user on the microblogging platform Twitter has put out a post offering to help in delivering hygienic and free of cost food(lunch and dinner) to those who have tested positive at their doorstep, free of cost for the entire quarantine period.

The user, Shubhal Shah hails from Vadodara in Gujarat and as such has offered to help locals who will reach out to him through DM(direct messaging) on Twitter upon which he would provide the same.

#VadodaraWe are here with you in this Covid crisis.

If your family is suffering from Covid-19, we will deliver hygienic lunch & dinner at your door step, free of cost for entire quarantine period.

We are not into any name, publicity or photographs.

Please DM 🙏

— Shubhal Shah (@ShubhalShah) April 12, 2021

Mr Shah’s tweet received lots of requests and some individual NGOs even replied saying they wished to join hands to help provide food for those in need. Many also praised Mr Shah for his selfless service to help out those in dire need.

Great work sir. My observation is that similar help has to be started in terms of Mumbai public transportation system, if we can make people have adequate distance while travelling 80% cases can come down— Syed M Basha (@SyedMBasha5) April 12, 2021

Mr Shah, God bless you, your family and your teams for this yeoman service. May He give you more power to do more 🙏🙏— Parag (@paragp) April 12, 2021

So nice of you. My parents are in same city. Now have hopes can reach out to some one.. 🙏🙏🙏— Vibha Singh (@vibha1604) April 12, 2021

Thank you for reinstalling humanity, More power to you— Harshil danidharia (@HDdanidharia) April 12, 2021

God bless you for your help to humanity sir. To do it without seeking publicity makes it that much more precious. Thank you sir— Ram 🇮🇳 (@r_acharya) April 12, 2021

Good initiative sir! May the tribe of good people keep increasing.— Mohammed Azam Khan |محمد اعظم خان (@mohdazamk91) April 12, 2021

There have been several examples of people coming out to help the less fortunate with supplies during pandemic. Ramu Dosapati’s, a techie from Hyderabad started a ‘Rice ATM’ round-the-clock for people in need and his initiative started providing them with a ration kit comprising rice and few other groceries last year. Many people also eventually joined hands with Ramu to make some contribution.

In Tamil Nadu’s Trichy, Pushparani C and her husband Chandrasekaralso in their own way tried to alleviate some of the troubles for those suffering from the perils of the lockdown. The duo took a bank loan of Rs50,000 and set up a food kiosk where he started serving food for Re 1.

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