In a story of awe-inspiring grit and resilience amid the raging pandemic, a brother-sister duo drove 240 kilometres from home with their mother and stayed in the hospital parking lot for 10 days after the latter, who required dialysis contracted Covid-19. The mother finally recovered after 10 days and was discharged. Residents of Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpuri-Kheri, the brother and sister, Payal(25) and her brother Akash Singh (23) drove along with their mother Parul (45) for her dialysis treatment to Lucknow on April 20 and were to return to Lakhimpur the same day but after their mother developed fever the hospital asked for an RT-PCR test report.

But the family had to spend the night inside the car and in the parking lot of the hospital since there was no other option due to their mother being a suspected Covid-19 patient. The duo bought food from local food joints and managed. The next day, after their mother’s report came out positive, the hospital refused to preform the dialysis so the family sought out a private hospital that agreed to do the dialysis but when their mother’s oxygen levels dropped, the hospital refused, TOI reported.

The duo said they searched everywhere but there was no oxygen supported bed in the hospital and the siblings somehow managed to get 5 small oxygen cans that lasted for some minutes. This was on April 22 and the family stayed back in the car again, hoping for her condition to improve and Parul’s dialysis was done too when her oxygen levels improved.

Making their mother lie in prone position for better oxygen flow, the siblings managed that night again in the car and on April 23, their father arrived with an oxygen cylinder in an hired car. The duo sent their father back home to keep him safe and Parul was put on oxygen support in the car. However, no beds were found on April 23 either, forcing the trio to stay in the car again. Finally on April 24, the siblings were able to track down a bed for their mother at the Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences (RMLIMS) and after undergoing treatment, was discharged on April 30.

However, it wasn’t just the mother. Akash too contracted mild symptoms of the virus and the siblings just had masks and gloves to protect themselves. they bought medicines and in the meanwhile as Akash was isolated in the car, Payal handled everything else. The duo said they had Rs12,000 with themselves and their father also transferred more money later on as they continued to stay in the car for almost 10 days.

All this while, they used public toilets and sanitized seats with disinfectant and sprays.

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