The car being cleaned after the show.

Kowagarasetai, a Japanese haunted house and horror event production company, claims the concept is the first of its kind.

Last Updated: August 17, 2020, 12:07 PM IST

Screaming is our first reaction to haunted and terrifying situations. However, coronavirus pandemic has made this expression a luxury as exhalation is discouraged for the fear of spreading the virus.

But a Japanese company has created an attraction where social distancing is followed and the adrenaline rush of being scared remains in place — a drive-in haunted house. Kowagarasetai, a Japanese haunted house and horror event production company, claims the concept is the first of its kind, the CNN reported.

“With the virus, I knew there would be no way we could have a traditional haunted house, with all that screaming in a small confined space,” Kenta Iwana, Kowagarasetai’s founder, was quoted as saying by the CNN Travel.

The idea of having a drive-through haunted houses struck Iwana when he read about the drive-through theaters making a comeback. “It was my ‘aha’ moment.” The drive-in haunted house experience started out as a summer-only attraction in July, with tickets selling out the day they went on sale. Now, there’s a waiting list of more than 1,000 people, says Iwana.

The haunted house drive-in is located in a covered parking garage in a non-descript building in downtown Tokyo. It gives visitors a 360-degree front-row experience that simulates being stuck in a car during a zombie outbreak.

As soon as the the visitors turn off the engine, the garage shutter is pulled down and the vehicles are thrown into complete darkness with spooky tales blurting out from Bluetooth speakers.

For the next 17 minutes, blood-soaked ghouls and zombies press up against the windows and rock the car.

Keeping in mind the Covid-19 infections, the company is taking precautions to keep people safe. Every car is sanitised with alcohol to minimize risks for the ghost actors. Rental cars are lined in plastic, which is changed for every customer.

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