An alleged mail by a professor to his students regarding postponement of an exam has created a buzz on social media. In the email, he also mentioned that he would have to cancel class on Thursday. He offered reasons for the postponement of the exam and cancellation of the class.

“Against my best wishes, I have been shot and am being treated in the ER. I also have COVID, and the divorce is getting messy,” reads the alleged mail by an English professor.

The professor in the mail informed his students that the exam would be conducted in the next week on Monday. This caught the attention of netizens that despite going through such problems, he deferred the exam by a week and not scrapped it.

The screenshot of the e-mail was posted on Twitter by a user, who claims to be one of the students of the professor.

Although it is not confirmed whether the mail was genuine, the tweet has received overwhelming response on the micro-blogging site. It has garnered more than 119K retweets and over 800 likes. It has also received more than 12K quote tweets.

Expressing sympathy, a user said that he found it disturbing and a little depressing that despite so many problems, the professor has to think about his students.

I know it’s his responsibility to send that message but damn it’s disturbing and a little depressing that he still has to think about him and his students’ work schedule while he’s being sent to the ER after being shot AND has COVIDDude needs a long break or something.

— KholdKhreeper (Master’s Retrieval Arc) (@KholdKhaos63) October 12, 2020

“I can’t believe he found a sentence to top “against my best wishes I have been shot” but “unlike my wife I expect you not to cheat” is up there,” a person said.

I can’t believe he found a sentence to top “against my best wishes I have been shot” but “unlike my wife I expect you not to cheat” is up there.

— Tiff (@tiffanyrg9) October 13, 2020

A Twitterati wondered how his wife could cheat on someone cool like him (the professor). She added this world needs more people like this professor.

This is 2020 sorry but I love this Prof – how could his wife cheat on someone that cool please tell him – get better soon!! We need more people like him in the world – preferably running countries

— Pacificnorthwestkate (@pnwkate) October 13, 2020

Here are some more reactions:

Someone get that man a drink… and a new wife

— ❄Liz❄ (@CommanderZil) October 12, 2020


— Horror-mone Replacement Therapy (@biosexorcist) October 12, 2020

The user, who posted the screenshot, put out a new tweet carrying a picture of another mail by the professor.

This screenshot shows the professor acknowledging that his previous mail went viral. In this mail, he informed that his injury and COVID-19 symptoms were not serious and the exam will be held on Monday.

It seems that the person who shared the screenshots was just trying to share something funny so he cooked up the professor story.