Video grab of Bihar nurse allegedly inoculating an ’empty vaccine’.

A viral video shows a Bihar nurse injecting an empty syringe into a man in a ‘busy’ covid-19 vaccination centre.

As the inoculation drive takes a full swing across the country, a viral video of a nurse in Bihar allegedly injecting an empty jab to a man has now gone viral. The video shows a nurse allegedly injecting an empty syringe in an overcrowded vaccination centre in Bihar’s Chapra district on June 21. The incident came to light on Thursday, after Azhar noticed that he was actually given no dose.

The 48-year-old nurse, Chanda Kumari is seen talking to people while opening a disposable syringe and never putting that into the Covid-19 vaccine vial. Talking to The Telegraph, Azahar, who is in his early 20s said, “I was shocked to see that the nurse just tore open the plastic packaging of a disposable syringe and injected me without filling it with the vaccine.”

The incident was caught on camera after Azahar’s friend filmed him getting the covid-19 jab.

The video is now doing rounds on social media triggering a row over the nurse’s callousness.

This is too much… Will they be punished or asked to act to show vaccination numbers. We are becoming a fraud country.— rags (@raghu_allam) June 24, 2021

Pre filled syringe for vaccination is not available in India, it is loaded from multi dose vials and kept ready at immunisation centre.Here you can clearly see that the syringe is being removed from pack and directly injected— Dr. Shibu Varkey, (@ShibuVarkey_dr) June 25, 2021

But empty injection is dengerous for life.How this could be done???— Subhash Bhandari (@subhash2908) June 24, 2021

But empty injection is dengerous for life.How this could be done???— Subhash Bhandari (@subhash2908) June 24, 2021

The video has now raised concerns over the safety concerns of residents of Bihar.

Speaking to Aaj Tak, Saran’s District Immunization Officer (DIO) Dr Ajay Kumar claimed that a show-cause notice has been served to Kumari demanding an explanation from her within 48 hours. She has also been reportedly dismissed from her duty. He further added that the mistake was not deliberately committed by Kumari, who seemed to have acted in haste in an overcrowded centre.

The same has been admitted by Azhar, who went onto pleading with the authorities not to take any harsh step against the nurse.

Meanwhile, authorities have said that Azhar will be given a free dose at a time of his convenience.

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