The lockdowns imposed to stop the spread of COVID-19 have hit the livelihoods of many poor families across the country. While the situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has been gloomy, to say the least, we also came across some heartwarming tales of people going out of their way to help others. Another such example is the story of two young men behind a popular Telugu meme page named DPVEU. According to Indian Express, 24-year-old Nayani Anurag Reddy and his friend Sachin Vikas (29), owners of this meme page, have been using it as a platform to connect donors to the people who need help.

The page is a real rage on social media with 9.6K followers on Instagram and 57.1K followers on Twitter. DPVEU is basically the short form of Dis Page Vll Entertain U. Nayani and Sachin, who are also digital promotion and marketing professionals for several Telugu films, have so far helped 44 economically weaker families with groceries and medical essentials for a month. To maintain transparency of their relief work and inspire more donors, the content creators share details of the families that have received help on their social media handles.

The initiative all started when the duo started getting messages of people whose livelihood had been affected by the imposition of lockdowns due to the spread of COVID-19 in the second wave. These messages inspired them to take part in the relief work and they started their page as means for it.

Sharing the experience of carrying out this initiative, Sachin says that helping needy people during this pandemic has given them immense satisfaction.

With a team of 10 content creators, the duo earlier used to spend only two to three hours running the page. However, after they started the relief work, they pushed their time to seven to eight hours to cater to the help requests that they received online.

Explaining the process of their relief work, Sachin says that after getting the help request, they try to verify its authenticity. Next, they ask these people to go to the nearest general store and purchase the necessary and send a bill. After making sure that the bill was genuine, they connect it to a donor who makes the payment online to the shopkeeper.

Sachin says that the initiative has been getting an overwhelming response from donors. In fact, a couple of Tollywood actors who wished to remain anonymous have also contributed to helping various families.

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