The wait is over, coronavirus vaccine has been rolled out and world will soon heal, one shot at a time, even though the process is long. US began vaccination early this week with frontline health workers getting the shot in the arm precisely. However, there have been some cases of allergic reactions fanning the apprehensions of taking the vaccine.

But who is to blame if someone develops an allergic reaction to the coornavirus vaccine? None, that is what US lawyers have to say. In US court of law, there is no one to be blamed for it.

The US government has given companies like Pfizer and Moderna ‘immunity’ from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines, the CNBC reported.

“It is very rare for a blanket immunity law to be passed,” Rogge Dunn, a Dallas labor and employment attorney was quoted as saying by the CNBC. “Pharmaceutical companies typically aren’t offered much liability protection under the law.”

In February, US’s Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar invoked the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act. This law empowers the HHS secretary to provide legal protection to companies making or distributing critical medical supplies, such as vaccines. This protection lasts until 2024.

With this law, the vaccine companies cannot be taken to courts for damages over any casualties related to vaccine inoculation.

The coronavirus vaccines have been manufactured in record time. The process that takes a couple of years normally was stepped up and completed in less than a year as world faced a never-seen-before crisis.

“When the government said, ‘We want you to develop this four or five times faster than you normally do,’ most likely the manufacturers said to the government, ‘We want you, the government, to protect us from multimillion-dollar lawsuits,’” Dunn was quoted as saying by the CNBC.

Meanwhile, American Vice President Mike Pence will publicly receive the coronavirus vaccine on Friday as the Trump administration scrambles to build public support for an inoculation that promises to stanch the deadly pandemic.

Pence will be the most high-profile recipient to date of a vaccine that was rolled out in the United States this week with high hopes of curbing a virus that has killed more than 300,000 Americans.

President-elect Joe Biden will publicly get the vaccine next week, according to transition officials. At age 78, he is in the high-risk group for the disease.

Biden has vowed to make the fight against the virus his top priority when he takes office on Jan. 20. Republican President Donald Trump, who lost the Nov. 3 election to Biden, frequently downplayed the severity of the pandemic and feuded with his top public health officials.