COVID Warriors are fighting with all their might against this deadly pandemic. Lost sleep, increased stress, distance from families all result in taking a toll on their bodies in more than one way.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, music has been an integral part of people battling isolation. From impromptu dance numbers in hospitals to live-singing in Italian streets.

Now, Anainah Patel, a medical student in India, wanted to discover how music and movement could be of help to only the patients, but the frontline fighters like doctors and healthcare staff.

Speaking to The Times of India, Anainah said, “Life of a medico is anyway stressful and then there are other stressors like studying for exams. Day-to-day ward work of being in close proximity and operating on COVID patients was taking a toll”.

In her exhausting life, she sought refuge in artistic endeavours. But they require time and commitment; something she couldn’t spare with her busy schedule.

According to the report, Anainah first thought of adjusting some ballet moves like plie and pirouette during her breaks in shifts. It wasn’t possible for her to fit the course in her life though. However, her failed attempt inspired some artistes to think of healthcare workers like her. It gave birth to Project Move- an online library consisting of music and movements to help our healthcare workers spend some minutes on their self-care.

Projectmove.in is a completely free online resource targeted at catering the needs of “exhausted healthcare professionals,” according to their website introduction. The founder, Vaidehi Patel, is a movement instructor and ballet dancer who was approached by Anainah initially. When she backed out due to a lack of free space in her schedule to attend her classes, Vaidehi was prompted to start this project.

“I’ve worked in hospitals around doctors and seen their pressure during normal times. With the pandemic, I realised their heightened stress and this prodded me further towards creating a resource specifically for them as a gesture of gratitude,” she said.

As a movement professional, she felt creating this online access to some relaxing music and postures was her way of giving back to the health care professionals. These movements are all targeted at improving mood and general well being of the doctors, nurses, and other hardworking healthcare staff.

Vaidehi went ahead and talked to many doctors in an attempt to curate the most beneficial movements. She calls them “coping tools” and the selected movements are ones that require minimum space and props. They are aimed at releasing tension and strengthening the body to withstand many pressures associated with being on the move all day.

These movements are forms of meditation through dance and Pilates with a little bit of yogic sleep. She has also incorporated some soothing breathing tutorials to calm their stressed minds.

According to Vaidehi, many musicians have volunteered to be a part of this project and together they have created a variety of playlists. They include some classic movement music along with guitar, Tibetan bowl, handpan and other soothing instruments. The music itself ranges from pop-sounding numbers to midnight raga and sleepy melodies; all aimed at relaxing and making the listener happy.