Two months back, everyone had a sigh of relief that right now, things are under control, and soon there will be vaccination that fights against covid-19. But unfortunately, this was not last for long to stop again. Covid-19 is at its peak and troubling a lot.

Cases in Maharashtra:

Apart from considering any other City across the globe, if we look towards Maharashtra, then the cases are spreading like fire. Recently Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope mentioned that the state was running short of vaccines, and within three days they will be out of stock. They have also requested the centre to a lot more vaccination doses to Maharashtra and also requested Universal vaccination. In Maharashtra, there is a lockdown announced for weekends and night curfew from 8 p.m. to morning 7:00 a.m. along with this night curfew, there will be section 144 imposed over all the people in the city. It is essential for people to be in limit and not to cross any particular Line or regulation settled up by the government.


Overall India cases:

On Tuesday, India reported 15736 cases of Nobel coronavirus and which is considered to be the highest so far. Almost 55000 cases were detected in Maharashtra and 9900 cases are there in Chhattisgarh. In Delhi Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, every state reported almost 5000 cases each today. Right now in India, almost 8,43,743 active cases are there, and on Tuesday, almost 630 deaths were reported due to covid-19. The majority of people belong to Maharashtra.

Along with it, Delhi High Court on Wednesday passed the news that everyone is supposed to wear a mask for face cover whenever travelling alone or with someone. If an individual finds out who is not wearing a mask, they need to pay the fine of 500 rupees, and in some cases, they will be imprisoned as well.

Covid-19 vaccination sessions likely to be allowed at workplaces:

Every day there is a rise in the case of covid-19 cases, and right now, the government is planning to provide covid-19 vaccination at workplaces as well. According to the Union Health ministry data updated on Wednesday nationwide, the covid-19 cases are almost 12,801,785. Everyone is focusing on the precaution so that things can get back fine soon.

The covid-19 vaccination will be allowed at workplaces by telling them and almost have 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries available. Includes the same is not there, then it will not be possible. According to sources, it has been coming into consideration that the government is planning to manage things in a manner that every individual will be able to receive the covid-19 vaccination as soon as possible, but due to shortage of vaccination, things seems to be quite difficult to manage.

As Maharashtra mayor mentioned that they would be out of stock soon, the same is the scenario with other states in the country. Some individuals have a fear that soon the government will going to announce the lockdown, and some are still hoping that things will get fine soon.

School and colleges will remain shut in Bihar and other states as well:

It is a very difficult time for students that they are not able to go to the school and everyone was hoping that soon they can get the chance to go back to stop recently there was news came out where government suggested opening the classes, but again notice came there school and colleges will remain off in Bihar and other states. This happened due to the rise in cases of covid-19.

In Bihar, all school and colleges reopen on April 5, but again, the notice came to remain closed till April 11. All the institution decided to reschedule test and examination. Also, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar consulted officials at the high-level meeting and discuss whether it is right to shut them off or not, and everyone was in favour of it. The management group supported the decision.

In Maharashtra, the condition is getting worse day by day, and authorities have asked the government and private school colleges and hospitals to remain closed till further notice. Students from class 1st to 8th are not supposed to step outside for any class, and they will be promoted to the next class without any examination. This has been mentioned by Education Minister VarshaGaikwad on Saturday. There will be a decision soon came regarding the students in class IX and XI.

In Gujarat, schools from class 1st to 10th are directly shut for an indefinite period until and unless there will be an announcement from the government to stop the classes for class 10th and 12th in colleges will continue according to the season. There will be no offline classes for students from class 1st to 9th in government and private schools; instead, they can go for online education. It is essential to keep safety in mind.

Precautions government suggests to take:

Still, the government is on the same words and suggesting everyone follow the guidelines issued earlier. Despite the fact that the vaccine is there, but you cannot rely on it for a longer duration is still there are chances that you might have any effect of covid-19. For six month, it is really very effective, and after six months, one cannot expect the same. It is essential to maintain social distancing and where mass and carry sanitiser along.

Right now, things are getting worse day by day. For lower class on middle-class families, this is a very tough time because right now, resources are not available from the government to that much extent, and also, they are not even able to earn their livelihood.

It is very disappointing for everyone how things are getting worse day by day despite the fact that people are taking precautions. Still, the government is planning to take some other steps so that things will get find soon and students will not face this trouble, and individuals will be able to get back to their light normally as it was earlier

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